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OCTOBER 4–5, 2019, MOSCOW, 

Holiday Inn, Lesnaya str. 15

MAY 22, 2020, MOSCOW, 

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MARCH 28-30, 2019, MOSCOW, 

Sechenov University


НКО Международная Ассоциация организаций и специалистов по Миофункциональной Терапии в медицине и стоматологии содействует эффективному взаимодействию и открытому диалогу специалистов и власти, бизнеса и образования в сфере миофункциональной терапии и орофациальной миологии. Основной целью Ассоциации является популяризация профилактических подходов и миофункциональной коррекции в современной медицине, стоматологии и педагогике для улучшения качества и продолжительности жизни человека.




International Association in Myofunctional Therapy in medicine and dentistry works towards effective cooperation between specialists and government and fosters the open discussion between  business and education system in the sphere of myofunctional therapy and ora-facial myology. The main goal of the Association is popularization of prophylaxis methods and myofunctional correction in dentistry, medicine and education sphere with the aim of improving the quality and longevity of humans life.

II International Congress in Myofunctional Therapy

March 28-30, 2019, MOSCOW, 

Sechenov University 

President of Association

Valentina Gecha

CEO of Myobrace Russia

Chairman of Board of Trustees

Prof. Dr. Bedros Yavry-Sakuk

Professor of the New York University

Board of Trustees

Prof. DR. Sandra Coulson

Head of Institute of Orfo-facial Myology,

Denver, USA.

Leonid Persin

Head of the Orthodontics department of Moscow State Medical Evdokimov University

Ter Pogosyan Grant

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Children's dentist of the Ministry of Public Health of Armenian RepublicErevan, Armenia, President of Orthodontics Association of Armenia

Erevan, Armenia

      Prof. DR. Roger L. Price

Physiologist,  Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Orfo-facial Myology.

Denver, USA

Lazar Yesayan

Chief Dentist of the Ministry of Public Health of Armenian Republic
Erevan, Armenia

Dyakova Elena

President of International Speech Pathology Institute

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