Before treating muscle disorders with myofunctional therapy and /or appliances, dehydration and metabolic disorders must be taken into account in order to guide patients towards physiological conditions.

It has been shown that hypohydration in young adults impairs muscle strength, power and endurance, and in addition cognitive function.

Any medical specialist, in particular dentists, should plan their solution finding process for their patients’ muscle disorders based on the understanding of the consequences of cell dehydration, which has severe consequences for the intracellular protein structure and function, in order to achieve the desired therapeutic success.


Report by the President of IAMTMD
at the FDI in San-Francisco.



The goal of the International Association of Organisations and Specialists in Myofunctional Therapy in Medicine and Dentistry (IAMTMD) is to spread preventive approaches in contemporary medicine, dentistry and pedagogy for improving the quality and longevity of a human life. To establish open dialogue between doctors, state management system and education system — is the main goal of the IAMTMD.

The objectives of the association include early prevention, that often avoids surgery interventions and prevents serious irregularities. 

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