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Opening of the Association

During the Second International Congress on Myofunctional Therapy at the Sechenovsky University, the official opening of the NGO International Association of Organizations and Specialists on Myofunctional Therapy in Medicine and Dentistry was held.

A welcome word dedicated to the opening of the association was made by Gerhard Seeberger. Gerhard Sieberger stressed the importance of developing a myofunctional approach for the successful treatment of bite anomalies.

Berdros made a speech focusing on the need to develop myofunctional practice and expressed confidence in the far-reaching prospects of a myofunctional approach. Bedros also expressed personal gratitude to Valentina Gecha for her contribution to the development of myofunctional therapy.

The main objectives of the Association and landmarks were identified. More information about the objectives of the Association here. Charter can be found here.

Members of the Board of Trustees and the Board were also represented. The Board of Trustees of the Association includes representatives of the dental faculties of three Moscow medical universities, leading scientists and specialists in the field of dentistry, therapy, speech therapy and physiology.

Video message of Gerhard Seeberger