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Workshop Functional orthopedic Jaws

Patricia Valerio (Brazil)

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When: 4–5 October 2019

Where: Holiday Inn, Lesnaya str. 15

We invite you to Jaw Functional Orthopedics and Early Malocclusion Interventions courses given by Prof. Dr. Patricia Valerio from Brazil, in Moscow Russia on 4–5 October 2019 (2 Days). She is a world-respected speaker on Jaw Functional Orthopedics who had been invited to lecture in several countries.

Jaw Functional Orthopedics treatments help you treat malocclusions at very early ages, even without using any appliance on some cases, and provide you safe and stable results. 

You can also benefit this treatment method to provide stability and improve functions of adults and patients treated with fixed orthodontics.

Venue: Holiday Inn Lesnaya str., 15.

Professional translation by Anna Svir

PhD Patricia Valerio 

  • Senior researcher postdoc the department of physiology and biophysics at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Brazil.

  • Orthodontic course professor at the University of Itauna – Minas Gerais – Brazil.

  • Researcher of CEPECRAF – Teaching and Research Center for Craniofacial Growth and Functional Orthopedics Multidisciplinary – Southern Cross University – São Paulo – Brazil.

  • Functional Orthopedics course coordinator Jaws of Biofokus – Turkey.

  • Researcher invited the University of Marmara – Turkey, the University of Ioannina – Greece and the University of Aveiro – Portugal.


A course that intends to add to your therapeutic arsenal simple skills that will allow you to solve many problems of children and adults


  • Using composite adding (Planas direct track)

  • Using appliances made on your office using the vacuum forming machine

  • Use the total potential of your machine. Many dentists use it only to make bleaching plates. It is time to make money with it


Come to meet Dr Patricia Valerio from Brazil!

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