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Prof. DR. Roger L. Price

Denver, USA

Roger Price began his medical practice in the 1960s. He is an international figure in the field of medical education. Roger Price received scientific degrees in such areas as: physiology, pharmacology, toxicology. For more than twenty years, Roger Price has been treating respiratory disorders during sleep. With more than fifty years of experience, Roger Price has been a specialist in the following areas:

• Behavioral Modification
• Breathing retraining
• Capnometry
• Clinical Nutrition

• Craniofacial Pain
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Dentistry
• Integrative Medicine

• Manual Body Therapy
• Myofunctional Therapy
• Neuro-emotional techniques
• Orthodontics

• Pharmacology
• Physiology
• Posture balancing
• Sleep Disorders
• TMJ treatment