June 8, 2020. Online meeting

A Professionally objective, mature, useful and important advices which can apply not only to the dental but also to all other health care professionals who are involved with patient care from the leader of the Dental Profession.

May 25, 2020. Online meeting

There are very few people who have the ability to make complex things simple as well as being able to present them in a professional and entertaining way.

To do this you need a combination of broad experience, the art of communicating and the ability to keep an audience entertained. Roger L. Price (Sydney). 

In 2000 he created the term ‘Breathing Disordered Sleep’ which is now becoming more and more widely used.

This radical concept goes a long way to explain why the current Gold Standards for treating ‘Sleep Disorders’ have such a poor outcome.

May 18, 2020. Discussion

On May 18, 2020, a meeting of specialists from various fields was very successful. Today on the air there was talk of some reasons limiting craniofacial growth, with the participation of: Roger L. Price (Sydney)  | Janna Kremez (Gold Coast) | Maria Vasilieva

Only a few, but very important theoretical and practical points of diagnosis were touched.

May 11, 2020. Online meeting

Dr. Ela B. Otis is a member of the Scientific Committee London School of Facial Orthotropics, founded by John Mew in 1983.

Orthopropy in dentistry has emerged as an alternative to traditional (modern) orthodontic therapy and is aimed at preventing occlusion anomalies, improving the growth and development of the face and jaw. Removable orthopedic constructions are used in combination with myofunctional exercises and correction of behavioral habits.

As part of its work, the IAMTMD is launching an information block on Orthotropy.

The broadcast took place on 05/11/2020.

May 5, 2020. Online meeting

On May 5, the next broadcast of IAMTMD was successfully held, which was dedicated to the prevention of malocclusion in the smallest patients. We thank Marina Belfer for an interesting lecture and look forward to new presentations. 

We will continue to acquaint you with the programs of Marina Belfer. As soon as the program is ready, you can familiarize yourself with it on this page.

April 27, 2020. Discussion

On April 27, 2020, a meeting of specialists from various fields was very successful. Today, the air talked about diagnostic methods for craniofacial growth with the participation of: German Ramirez  | Yana Korobkeeva  Anna Melnikova | Marina Belfer

20 апреля 2020 года. Онлайн встреча

On April 20, 2020, the first online meeting was successfully held with one of the specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of maxillofacial growth disorders in children. More than 250 specialists from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan took part in the video conference. , Ukraine. Doctors from Austria, Lithuania, Tunisia, Turkey, Ecuador, Estonia and other parts of the world joined.

Learn with one of the experts in field: Guiding craniofacial growth and development in children.

II International Congress
Myofunctional Therapy

Supported by:

From the 28th to the 30th of March in the congress hall of Sechenov University the second International congress "Prospects for the development of Myofunctional therapy in Medicine ”, organized by Sechenov University with the support of IAMTMD (International Association of Organizations and Specialists in Myofunctional Therapy in Medicine and Dentistry).

Within three days, the leading foreign and Russian experts shared knowledge based on colossal experience. (some lecturers have over 40 years of experience in the field of myofunctional therapy and
dentistry). The reports presented touched upon a wide range of problems in such areas of medicine like: otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics, physiology, dentistry and sleep medicine.

Colleagues from Russia, Austria, the USA, Armenia and Ukraine shared their experience in a myofunctional approach to treatment, clinical cases were presented, studies on the use of myofunctional therapy in various areas of medicine.

The need for multidisciplinary interactions between dentists and general medicine specialists for effective treatment and patient rehabilitation.


Congress speakers

Prof. Sandra Coulson

Prof. Roger Price

Matilde Furtenbach

Director of the Institute of Orofacial Myology,
Denver, USA

Professor, Physiologist, Chairperson of the Institute of Orofacial Myology, Denver, USA.

A pioneer in the speech therapy field of myofunctional therapy (MFT), more than 35 years of practice, Innsbruck, Austria

Prof. Dr. Leonid Persin

Head of the Department of Orthodontics,
Moscow State Medical and Dental University named by A.I. Evdokimova. MD

Prof. Dr. Irina Makeeva

Director of the Institute of Dentistry Sechenov University, head of the department of therapeutic dentistry, MD.

Prof. Dr. Bedros Yavru-Sakuk

New York University Professor, DDS

Martina Gruber

Specialist in the field of MFT, speech therapy, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, Austria

Alexandra Yurek-Shik

Specialist in speech therapy, speech impairment and MFT. Austria

Prof. Olga Orlova

Vice-president of the “Association of Phoniatrists and Phonopaedists”, Doctor of Education.

Prof. Dr. Galina Tarasova

Employee of the FSBI Scientific and Clinical Center for Otorhinolaryngology, FMBA of Russia. MD

Prof. Dr. Khaibula Makkaev

Otolaryngologist, head of the ENT department of the Federal State Institution of the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of the Health Ministry.

Vladimir Buteyko

Head of the Buteyko Center in Voronezh.  founded by Konstantin Buteyko.

Key topics of the reports

  • Foreign experience in the development of myofunctional therapy.

  • Orofacial myology and myofunctional therapy.

  • Etiology of myofunctional disorders in the dysfunction of morphogenesis of the dentofacial system.

  • Actual issues of corrective action in working with a complex of myofunctional disorders in children.

  • Modern practices of myofunctional therapy and the interaction of a speech therapist and orthodontist.

  • An integrated approach to the problem of restoration of nasal breathing in children.

  • The role of myofunctional therapy in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with sleep disorders.

  • The possibilities of using teips for dysfunctions of the TMJ and the muscles of the orofacial region.

On February 30, a series of master classes was held. Myofunctional correction and diagnosis is the main theme of the past master classes. Sandra Colson, Roger Price, Tarasova Galina and others shared the accumulated knowledge. Master classes were attended by practicing doctors from different cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.


The following topics were presented:

  • The possibilities of using taping for dysfunctions of the TMJ and the muscles of the orofacial region to help the orthodontist.

  • The technique of getting used to the myofunctional apparatus, non-standard situations during the adaptation period

  • Function and position of the lips. Posture.

  • Diagnosis of myofunctional disorders in children.